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Drum Creation Ceremony

Tuesday, May 21st, 10 am - 3 pm     

Dream with the Medicine Ancestors to bring a sacred drum being into physical creation!  This is a way to honor our indigenous roots and the giveaways of the tree people to make a hoop and a four-legged one to make the head of the drum.  Together they create a medicine tool that invokes healing, prayers and transformation.  You will be guided through the ceremony to make a personal frame drum.  Hides and sizes are listed below.  Please give your preferences with your RSVPs.  Deposits of 1/2 total price are due with RSVP.  Remainder can be paid on day of ceremony.

at Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston-Salem NC
As a preliminary guide here are the types of hides available and drum sizes with prices that include the cost of materials and ceremonial creation ceremony:
These come in full hides and many drums can be made from one hide.  You can tell me which hide you prefer for your drum - it will depend on how many others want that same hide.  In other words, if there is only one request for Horse hide, we wouldn’t order and you would need to select another one which has multiple requests.  Also, the sizes of the drums will determine how many drums can come from a single hide.  
Tell me your hide preference in descending order and size of drum.
 SIZE:  Remember that the bigger the drum, the heavier it is which impacts your arms for longer playing, and the more strength/skill to pull it tight.  If you need help in this regard, many drum creators work in pairs to help each other tighten the drum lacing.   If this is your first time making a drum I recommend the 3 smaller sizes to begin with.
10” size - $125.00
12” size - $150.00 
14” size - $175.00
15” size - $188.00 
18” size - $225.00 

Please contact Robin White Star directly by
email or phone 336.416.7553
with questions or to register for a specific event.

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