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Resonance Healing Ceremony

Wednesday, November 6th, 7pm, arrival 6:45 pm         Resonance Healing is a form of soul healing where certain resonances of stuck thought forms and emotions are identified and released through sound activation and shamanic healing work done on the energetic level to repair damaged DNA. These resonances are energy fields undulating with the core frequencies of fear, hatred, unresolved grief, separation and judgment in all their variations. During this healing session, identified personal and collective resonances will be transformed and released on a cellular level. You will also identify what you wish to create in your life to replace these damaging resonances — high vibration frequencies that will be held and nurtured to take root within your energy fields.

This healing is accomplished in a group setting, through the use of sound activation — indigenous percussion, wind, and string instruments along with singing bowls, gongs and bells. Voice is also used to transmit and focus certain energies to shift the stuck energy pattern. These resonances are tied to our personal traumas and belief systems, to lineage cords that have been passed down through the generations, and collective patterns that keep the "pain body" alive. Your task will be to open yourself for the shift to occur, being receptive and willing to replace one resonance for another. During the sound activation you are welcome to lie down or remain seated.

We can heal ourselves, our families and our world through a conscious exploration of these limiting resonances in order to shift and release them, allowing a new frequency to come forth that will hold a higher resonance. The time is now and this is one way to effect the changes we are longing to see for ourselves and others.

Plan on arriving no later than 15 minutes early to set up your seat. Once the healing begins, no further admittance is allowed. Once you have registered, pay attention to what comes into your life – though dreams, overheard conversations or animals crossing your path – it’s all part of the healing. Also, be mindful of any energies that interfere with you coming to the Resonance Healing to try to keep you stuck. This is not common but has been known to occur. Your inner authority and desire to heal is all that’s needed to overcome any inertia or interference.
Wednesday, December 4th, 7 pm, arrival 6:45 pm
 Other dates may be scheduled upon request for groups of 8-10 participants

Sliding scale:  $25 - $40 pp payable at the door, advance notice of cancellation requested so waiting list can be utilized; Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, NC

HEALING INTENSIVES -- You are invited to participate in a Healing Intensive that combines individual Soul Healing and Resonance Healing related to the theme of Empowering Economic Prosperity for All.  In the Soul Healing, we will be releasing souls who are stuck between the worlds and feeding on our personal and global disempowerment related to money, abundance, receiving, giving, sharing and hoarding.  In the Resonance Healing, we will be utilizing indigenous instruments and vocables to replenish and heal the open wounds created by this disempowerment.  Only in freeing the wounds of economic enslavement will we see qualitative shifts in our personal and collective realities.  These sacred archetypal energies are found within and without and need assistance to co-create peace and harmony.

Sunday, TBA, 1 pm - 5:30 pm with a snack break (bring a healthy snack to share)
Sliding scale: $55 - $75.00; RSVPs and pre-payment required

Please contact Robin White Star directly by
email or phone 336.416.7553
with questions or to register for a specific event.

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